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  • Active Aqua Commercial 8 Outlet

    Active Aqua Commercial 8 Outlet

    $77.05 USD
    • 8 Outlet Manifold just like in picture. 70 LPM
    • Ideal for running 8 air stones at once
    • Electrical magnetic air compressor in a high quality aluminum alloy case
    • Cylinder and piston made from tough, durable material
    • High pressure and high output
    • Multiple outlet, high quality copper, individually controllable air divider
  • PH Test Kit

    PH Test Kit

    $6.91 USD

    Product Details

    (Wide Spectrum) Measures 3-10 pH.

    The Hydroponic pH test kit is good for 150 tests. At the rate of 3 tests per week it will last one year, making it excellent value for money. This kit covers a pH range of 3-10 measuring in 0.1 increments.