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  • AC Infinity S8 Duct Booster

    AC Infinity S8 Duct Booster

    $51.07 USD
    • A duct fan designed to boost airflow in HVAC systems and ventilate home spaces like attics and workshops.
    • Features a variable fan speed controller, enabling you to optimize airflow and noise level for any application.
    • Unibody die-cast construction with no welded seams; reduces vibration while ensuring smoother airflow.
    • AC brushless motor with steel blades and lubricated bearings; not suitable in restricted airflow applications.
    • Duct size: 8” | Dimensions: 7.28 x 7.87 x 7.87 in. | Airflow: 428 CFM | Noise: 43 dBA | Bearings: Dual Ball