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  • Sale! Elite 91 Clones

    Elite 91 Clones

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    Ready-to-use. No dilution necessary.

    16 ounces

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    Elite 91 Silicic Acid

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    – Elite 91 SILICIC ACID serves as an effective surfactant and does not require any additional wetting agents for proper penetration and/or absorption.

    • Non-Toxic and leaves NO residue behind on plant surfaces. 
    • GROWERS TIP (OPTIONAL): In conjunction with foliar applications, add ROOTS with the mixture at a dosage rate of 2 ML – 4 ML per gallon of water, mix well and spray within 24 hours.



  • Myco Jordan

    Myco Jordan


    Glomus Intraradices – 500 spores/g


    Designed for use in Soil, Coco and Hydroponics.

    Start by pre-mixing the product with a small amount of water and gradually mix in more water until the desired dilution rate is attained. Add to reservoir. Keep agitated throughout application. This will keep the mycorrhizal fungi in suspension for equal distribution when applying as a root drench.

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