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  • BioBizz ACTI-VERA

    $43.37 USD
    • Specially formulated plant energy booster
    • Contains carefully selected biological stimulants
    • Enhances the utilization and translocation of nutrients in fertilizer blends
    • Boosts the anti-oxidant system of the plant
    • Contains natural aged humus, one of the most versatile components in soil environments
  • BioBizz Bio ALG-A-MIC

    $43.37 USD
    • Alg-A-Mic organic bio-stimulant
    • Made from a high-grade organic seaweed con­centrate extracted through cold-press rather than chemical solvents
    • It provides an exuberant green and resistance to diseases
    • It contains a high content of trace ele­ments and hormones of vegetable ori­gin naturally occurring amino acids
    • It provides an exuberant green and resistance to diseases
  • BioBizz Bio Bloom

    $21.68$75.89 USD
    The perfect diet for lush flowers
  • BioBizz Bio Grow

    $21.68$75.89 USD

    Impressive growth during all phases of plant development

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    BioBizz Fish Mix

    $21.68$73.57 USD
    Biobizz FishMix (4-0-3) blends cold water fish emulsion with Dutch sugar beet extract to create a powerful organic fertilizer. Contains NO synthetic preservatives — just the natural goodness your plants are hungry for!
  • BioBizz ROOT JUICE

    $49.56 USD
    Right from the start, Root Juice helps with the initial roots stage as well as the growth of plants that have already rooted. This ensures the plant is better prepared to absorb nutrients more quickly – resulting in a strong, resilient crop and a guaranteed good harvest for all plant breeders.
    • Encourages vigorous root development
    • Made entirely from vegetable ingredients
    • Prepares the plant to absorb nutrients more quickly
    • Helps reduce transplant shock
    • Certified organic root booster
    • Excellent for use in any growth stage from rooted cuttings onwards
    • Stimulates beneficial microbe activity
    • Increases plant’s health and immunity
    • Accelerates nutrient uptake
    • Perfect for use with the range of BioBizz nutrients and additives
  • BioBizz Top Max

    $40.27$146.36 USD
    Top·Max can be used throughout the entire flowering period and works especially well combined with Biobizz substrate mixtures.