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  • autopot 4 pot system

    AutoPot 4 Pot System

    $135.52 USD

    4Pot System includes:

    1x 47ltr tank, lid & 9mm top hat grommet
    1x 9mm golf filter
    4x 9mm tee
    2x 9mm cross connector
    2x 9mm inline taps
    4x 1Pot trays & lids
    4x 15 litre pots
    4x AQUAvalves5
    4x root control discs
    4x marix discs
    1x 4 metre length of 9mm pipe

  • AutoPot FlexiTank

    $58.82$77.05 USD


    • Fits where other tanks cannot go
    • Easy to ship and store
    • Requires no tools for assembly.
    • Takes minutes to assemble.
    • Can be stored away when not used

    Please call ahead to confirm availability for pick up orders

  • Autopot 1Pot Module

    Autopot 1Pot Module

    $27.10 USD

    1Pot Module includes:

    1x 1Pot System
    1x Tray & lid
    1x 15ltr Pot
    1x AQUAvalve
    1x 1.5 meters of 6mm Pipe
    1x Marix Disc (SQUARE) 186mm x 186mm (BLACK)
    1x Root Control Disc (SQUARE) 196mm x 196mm (BLACK & GOLD)




    $6.58 USD

    The AirDome has been designed to increase the amount of air around the root zone in the pot. If you are lucky enough to have power in your greenhouse this little addition can drastically increase yields. It is very simple to use once assembled, which will take less than 30 seconds.

  • autopot aquavalve

    Autopot Aquavalve

    $14.71 USD

    Once connected to the tank the autopot aquavalve will open and allow water to fill the tray, to a pre-set level of 20mm. When the level is reached the AQUAvalve will shut off and prevent any further water from entering the tray until all the water has been consumed by the plants.

  • Autopot Easy 2 Grow Kit

    $61.18 USD

    easy2grow System includes:

    1x 47 ltr tank, lid & 6mm top hat grommet
    1x 2Pot tray and lid
    2x 8.5 litre pots (optional upgrade to 15ltr pots)
    1x AQUAvalve
    1x 6mm inline tap2xPotSocks
    2x marix discs
    1x 1.5 metres of 6mm pipe
    1x 6mm golf filter


  • Autopot XL Module

    Autopot XL Module

    $34.07 USD

    1Pot XL Module (only)

    1x 1Pot XL tray & lid
    1x 6.6 gal pot
    1x AQUAvalve
    3.3ft of 1/4″ pipe
    1x root control disc (round)
    1x 1/4″ tee connector
    1x 1/2”-1/4” tee connector
    Available upon special request